160m receive loop on ground 81 - Inverted-L for 160m. ham radio dipole for 10 meters - or even a; folded dipole for 6 meters and, why not try this; portable NVIS antenna for 40 meters! These are easy and fun to built and use on Loops at the upper frequencies may still be useful for receive only applications such as radio direction finding or use as a front-end bandpass filter. 2. You could duplicate this in your garden and bury the wires. Lacking room for a beverage receiving antenna, we constructed several loop receiving antenna to see if we could find a suitable low /lower noise receiving antenna. With an average antenna height of 10 - 15m above ground, a doublet strapped a as T can give up to 6dB improvement in performance for local contacts on 160m and 2 to 3dB My ground consists of rock/pellet below a 10-cm soil. The sequence was: the first 10 seconds Zepp - 10 sec. It was good that I did, because on March 19th, I worked JR7VHZ and JA7NI - my first two JAs - the loop (as shown below) was the only antenna that could hear them. Kasakhstan, Greece, Cypress, Turkey and Canada A real conundrum. October 2013 (Edits Nov 26, 2013). The rest of the wire for 160 meters after th trap goes to the house and down to the flat roof. This loop is 3. That’s a lot of wire at, say, 3. of #16 "silky" stranded wire cut to one wavelength long on the lowest operating frequency (160 meters). The Delta Loop is not only a great transmitting antenna but a low noise receiving antenna. Do NOT use Copperweld wire for the short 160m antenna! The RF energy penetrates too deep into the wire and if there is steel inside, there will be additional unnecessary losses. for safety, maintain a minimum of 6' away from the antenna while transmitting The setting will be broad enough to cover at least the bottom 100khz of 160, without readjustment. Since I also plan on erecting a large horizontal loop for 160m (ham) and 120m (MARS), the balanced tuner is probably my best bet. A ½ wave loop made of RG-214 has an insertion loss of roughly 0. His end-fed wire for 160 meters (Fig 2) is only 50-60 feet above the surface of the earth. 30 ft. – Magnetic loops can be mounted close to the ground. The next test is about the difference between ZEPP and active antenna. 3 26-AUG-2013 1. Both Antenna Models are at an Installed Height of 50-ft over Average Ground. Note that the control volts fed up the co-ax is a pants idea (as shown in the pdf). Where to put the loop was the next big issue to resolve. It turns out that the ground wire was in about five pieces. Using Magnetic Loop is I've attached at EzNec (Demo) file of a ground level vertical loop that I'm trying to work out for the side of my house (HOA). Here’s a pdf describing how to make one. A practical guide to making DX performance magnetic loop antennas for The base of the antenna is located 8' above ground and the test frequency is 1. 160m and 80m Morgain-Dipole Antenna. My 160 meter loop is 7 sided, with none of the legs of equal length or height, and it is a stellar performer. 2 Nov 2019 Here is the KK5JY Loop on Ground, or "LoG", low-band (primarily 160m and 80m ) receive antenna at my station. 5" OD schedule 40 PVC pipe. Outer Ring is +10dBi for all Plots. I then visited most of the big antenna internet sites that had modelled small loops. No Radials, high performance custom RF antenna design, stronger, smarter XYL approved elegance. 805 MHz, so I call this version the 3805er. Zepp - at last active loop. In October 2012 I changed my 160 meter transmitting antenna to an Inverted L with to ground, the coaxial loop showed a significant null in the loop pattern when 3: A popular low noise receiving antenna used by Low Band operators is the  In one word I can say that this active magnetic loop, as receive antenna, is more The QRM reduced a bit more when I placed the loop at ground level, 3m away In the 160m band, where the loop is theoretically not adapted, the QRM is also   The conductor is then formed into two turns while laying flat on the ground giving a The band noise on 160M is drastically reduced on receive using the loop. I have mine on an old TV antenna rotor about 10' off the ground, so I can do it from the shack. Call us ☎️ 007 918 5574507 Nov 16, 2019 · A ground loop antenna for 160m. In part one of this series, I covered the use of one brand of commercially available, small transmitting loop antennas, also known as ‘magnetic loops’. The loop is suspended from from four corners by nylon A multi-turn tuned loop can be nearly as effective as a full length wire, plus it has very sharp nulls which can be used to eliminate local noise and interference quite effectively. Both are relatively close to the ground, to maximize the skywave elevation angle for local message traffic communications (NVIS). Antenna for 40, 80 and 160 Meters. I have also picked up a 2nd hand Capco 80m / 160m magnetic loop that I need to get to try to improve AM radio reception without using a long wire or ground. Aug 13, 2012 · First of all, if you make a dipole that includes 160m - it will need a lot of space and be very long. The purpose of this Mar 30, 2015 · We discovered that this is not always the case, when the loop is small <=1 w/l and low to the ground it behaves as you would expect and is a reasonable NVIS antenna, one you start getting to sizes of >=2 w/l at over 1/4 w/l above ground then the loop starts to exhibit some very high gain at low angles. Loops are commonly rumored to have less noise than other antennas. 160m loop: 12m insulated Two ground rods per element. I've also used regular Apr 10, 2016 · Since the loop isn't resonant, its size isn't critical, per se, as long as the loop is laid out on the ground in a symmetric pattern relative to the feedpoint axis. I've also used  The outer 160m loop is 8 feet on each wooden cross element - making the circumference 80m receive loop antenna on a crochet hoop Here's a very simple but bands than doublet, unless doublet is less than 1/4-wave or so above ground. It sits on the ground and is said to be a very low nise receiving antenna. As you can see, this amateur radio antenna system for 160 meters is "unorthodox", to say the least. Here is the KK5JY Loop on Ground, or "LoG", low-band (primarily 160m and 80m) receive antenna at my station. Additionally, all of the loop antennas previously described covered only one band. So after some time I decided to start with building the MiniDiamond loop and as Pete said I am making it as large as possible. I used another piece of PVC, 1 inch, to support the loop at the top and into the rotator. nl Jan 05, 2020 · Loop on Ground Antenna Test. . 5 MHz, but you can loop the wire around the room and hide it from view. A magnetic loop is an extremely high-Q antenna with a very tight bandwidth (think ~5kHz on the 160m band), but they are tunable. The ground serves as a return path. Ideally, this antenna should be at least 35 feet above ground, but mine is currently about 25 feet, and still performs OK. Because of limited available real estate, beverages have not been tried thus far. 78 - Fan Dipole Antenna for 80m to 6m. Popular with disaster preparedness, emergency communications agencies using ALE, and for Real DX. Loop antenna for 160 meters? 11. In an electrical sense, a vertical is a dipole with half of its length buried in the ground or “mirrored” in its counterpoise system. The author found it not necessary to have a preamp on this antenna. As explained on the diagram below, attach the loop element to the control box, then connect the coaxial and control cables. I want to put up a receiving loop antenna for 160M and transmit with my short marconi 160M antenna. Since it exhibits good F/B directionality (RDF or "Receive Directivity Factor") through 7MHz, I use it almost exclusively for 160m thru 40m RX. July 19, 2014September 17, 2014 Vertical Delta Loops 99 The Vertical Delta Loop • A three sided loop is known as a Vertical Delta loop sitting on the ground. If the 160M The loop on the left is the 24 inch loop described above and is the most sensitive. 80m match. £25. If this same dipole were placed at 0. Half way there is the 80 meter coax trap. Much patience. I put a  10 Apr 2016 A prototype receiving antenna for HF. 00 to £ AG6IF Talented Balun for build HF Ham radio Sky Loop antenna, 160m 80m & 40-10. If the earth is very dry, a longer ground rod is advised, to reach permanently moist earth—or you may install four or more 15- to 20-foot long radial wires for better coupling to ground. Signal of ET3AA on 160m has been received and make QSO 19 Jan 2019 Pennants and Other Ground-Independent Low-Band Receiving Antennas. 20 Ft. A Small Wire Loop Antennas for 160 meters - Low noise, receive only coax loop antennas for 160 - 10 meters HF bands Roofspace. This antenna normally has about a 3 DB gain over a 1/2 wave center fed dipole. All these advantages made of this kind of antenna the ideal model for people with limited space, interesting in LW and HF listening and experimenting much QRM. 1 dB 50º TX 4-square 10. Used for 160 and 80 meters receive only. 5 wavelengths or 131 ft. This happens because >1 dielectric factor on ground level will slow down speed of the lower end of vector. 1 in. Apr 20, 2018 · DX Engineering RF-PRO-1B® Active Magnetic Loop Antennas . 4. 25 May 2020 The small receiving loop, or SRL, is a versatile, effective, and very space-efficient at any reasonable installation height, including very close to the ground. The stand alone 80m loop is approximately four feet in diameter. This is by far the best wire antenna I have used in the last 20-years. The line is terminated with a resistor. 160 An easy-to-build general purpose receive only small wire loop antenna. For best performance, make your horizontal loop into a square, especially if it is to be used on several bands. 8 MHz. Oct 25, 2009 · Since the chip is fully differential, no ground reference or DC bias is required at the input pins. It is the best set of compromises I have been able to come up with, after many experiments. Now I have excellent performance for AM broadcast band DXing. It can be somewhat tricky to make a Delta Loop with a low SWR. ” May 23, 2018 · My 160M loop is tuned a bit lower than the simulation, it's 543' overall, and tunes at more like 3. the loop to the ground, but resting vertically against the house. 17m Loop from the base. An update on the story is warranted, since I wrote this page a long time ago but this page has become fairly popular since. HWF, Horizontal Waller Flag Polarplot 80m / 160m  17 Sep 2014 Vertical Delta Loops. Results depend on the height of the wire above ground. Cable tie connects loop wire to post. Eight. The Chameleon Antennas are made with the finest material available. 3m t 10 . Beyond 1,500 miles the vertical seems to do a better job most of the time – not always, however my loops are very low to the ground, maximum height of 7 meters. A loop antenna is a radio antenna consisting of a loop or coil of wire, tubing, or other electrical Compared to a dipole or folded dipole, the large loop's radiation pattern is lower toward the sky or ground, giving it about 1. Loop vs. 2 Home Made HIGH POWER Magnetic Loop. A common mode choke (ugly balun), a type of current balun, wound with RG-58 using the recommended lengths has a loss of roughly 1. , whatever is convenient. It is a 4-conductor, twisted pair of 14awg, insulated; running 90 degrees from the 2 story condo. 5/8 wavelength spaced phased DX loops switchable at 45 and 225 degrees for 160 meters RX. for frequencies roughly in the range of the 160m through 30m amateur bands. A 10-40m standard dipole, a fan dipole, or even an off-center fed dipole will still be about 67 ft long and need to be at least 1/2 as high off the ground as it is long to be reasonable efficient. Dual loaded loop receiving antenna (resources back up slides) Removing local ground wave noise the HWF noise floor is 10 dB better. 81 – Inverted-L for 160m. 3 acre suburban home just 2 miles from work. A practical guide to making DX performance magnetic loop antennas for 160-40m. Its great advantage is that you can't see it The loop is made from insulated wire laid directly on the ground and fed at one corner with a 400 to 50 Ohm broadband isolating transformer Maximum directivity is at right angles to the feed point. I've been a Wellbrook Loop fan for over 10 years. During the evening of September the 25th, 2009 West coast stations were working European stations every few KHz's on the bottom end of 160 meters. The picture shows a picture of the loft with an experimental SG230 ATU at the 80m feedpoint to convert it an all-band antenna. We discuss Ian’s success with Loop On Ground and Pre-Amps and the success you can have with this device. A 9 :1 impedance transformer for matching connects from one end of the loop to the RX. Nov 28, 2019 · Actually, I did not put up a new antenna; I put down a new antenna: a Loop on Ground (LoG) receive-only antenna as described by Matt Roberts, KK5JY: 60 feet of insulated wire stapled to the earth in a square configuration (15 feet per side). 79 – Wire Ground Plane Antenna. The radiation resistance for a quad loop as a function of its height above ground is given in Fig 10-2. In an alleyway between my house and zero-lot line neighbors, a Wellbrook ALS-1530s receive loop installed a foot above the ground on a cheap rotator with bearing registry on the remote control. 80 and 160m. Changing bands is accomplished with the flip of a toggle switch. The 60 cm loop that comes with it is nearly worthless below 10 MHz. I connected it all up and hooked the feedline (about 150′ of RG-6) to my rig. The loop can be attached to poles, trees, buildings etc. That is true on 40, but on 80 meters it adds roughly about 400-ohms reactance because it is a 1/8th wave shorted stub. WD2XSH and tried a variety of receiving antennas from phased verticals (E- probes) to. 5%) while full-size magnetic loop antennas for 160 m band use a diameter around 4 Thus, RX intermodulation is dramatically reduced, and receiving performance is above ground are ideal for NVIS ("Near Vertical Incidence Skywave",. 160m on the 450ft loop was impossible to listen to. small loop antenna coil is connected from one end of the loop to the ground and a terminating resistor is About 160m Horizontal Delta Loop The resource is currently listed in dxzone. 2db. Technical Information. Loops at the upper frequencies may still be useful for receive only applications such as radio direction finding or use as a front-end bandpass filter. As much as I like my coax loops, I am also quite satisfied with small loops made with wire or tubing. 0 Description and Theory 1. Verticals are commonly installed at ground level, although you can also place a vertical on the roof of a building. A New Homebrew Magnetic Receive Loop at VE1ZAC . So the trap has to be light and strong. You can't work 'em, if you can't hear 'em, Kemosabe. Greyline Flagpole Antennas and HF Vertical Antennas for 160-6M at home or HOA. I found this great article by KK5JY about the Loop-on-ground antenna online. Several have requested this; sorry it took me s Going High-Q and High-Tech with the RX Loop at AC0C . 1 Antenna Description The Spiderbeam Model 160-18-4WTH is a base-fed, [electrical] quarter wavelength vertical The wire going up from the feed point leaves the top of the Spiderpole and slopes down to the house. The typical daytime noise floor on the wire antenna at this QTH is S-5 and this reduces to S-1 with the loop. – Magnetic loops are quiet because they are not affected by electrical interference. An easy-to-build general purpose receive only small wire loop antenna. A counterpoise is simply a long, insulated wire that attaches to the ground connection on your antenna tuner. Google +160 meter +vertical +loop antenna 160M ferrite rod receive aerial. 83 - Tri-Band Beam for 20m Dec 25, 2010 · I have one radial. Before you say this couldn't possibly work, then have a look at this 39 second-long video of a UK long wave commercial radio transmission being received by one of my sloper antennas (hint, it's the weaker signal by far), and the ground loop antenna: Mar 19, 2016 · This post relates to the design and build of a 160/80/40 Meter magnetic loop antenna. My K9AY RX Antenna. Aug 29, 2016 · 160m-2200m receiving antenna. I connected the loop antenna to receiver "B" on the FT-1000D, pressed the DUAL button (turning on both receivers) and adjusted the RX MIX control to mix the signals from both antenna/receiver 160m Loop Antenna for TX. my main receiving antenna—Helps on the static crashes! Following on from my article on the ground antenna in the last edition of Smoke Reading further in the article (which covers loops up to 160m and how to  0. BOG's (Beverage on the ground) to terminated loops. This a wire loop receive antenna placed directly on the ground. SWR tests indicate 160 meters to 40 meters are ok, but n/g on the higher bands. Half size loops work. 5 Ft. In my tests over the years, a 3/4-inch copper pipe driven five feet or deeper into the soil typically measures between 50-150 ohms of RF resistance on 160-meters. So far I love it — good performance, highly portable, easy to power. Of more interest is its bidirectional characteristic. 500’ roll of wire on ground 3. 2017 · Using a 33' vertical antenna for transmitting, and the SRL for receiving, I was  for a 160m-long multiband loop antenna, including its support system, tuning, and excessive droop, challenging my already-minimal height-above-ground. AB0X Roof Loop 2. Full Size Quad Loop 2. 80m delta loop antenna, 160m. Update 1 Sept 2020. May 06, 2018 · 6 dB: 225 foot Beverage on Ground (BOG) 6 dB: 250 to 400 foot Beverage about 7 feet high 7 dB: Unidirectional terminated small loop flag, pennant, EWE, VE3DO 8 dB: Close spaced arrays of two small terminated loops K9AY Array Shared Apex Loop Array 8 dB: Pair of 250 to 400 foot staggered Beverages about 7 feet high See full list on robkalmeijer. I thought I'd make a receiving loop, which I felt sure would give me a lower noise It was recommended by the designer of the Welbrook Loops that I ground the  Results 1 - 48 of 294 Loop On Ground HF Receive Antenna. It is 25 feet above ground at the highest point, and 15 feet at the lowest. If you plan to use the loop for 160 meters 99% of the time then cut it for 160 meters @ 544' - but be prepared for difficulty and reduced performance above 7MHz. For 500 KC, a four foot diameter multi-turn frame loop is a killer receive antenna. We tend to congregate on 3. The active loop antenna was rotated such that the interference signal was suppressed. Sep 08, 2014 · YES, I am still building 160/ 80m, 80m and 160m receive loops. This was at 3. I used right angle banana plugs to attach the top hat wires to the loading coil and also to connect the radiator wire to the tap point on the loading coil. Take that 300 feet of wire, but this time lay it on the ground as a loop - preferably with an impedance transformer (like 9:1 BALun , not an un-un) for 50z coax. 160m DX RX Loop Antenna. 1 wave length or smaller circumference. Before you say this couldn't possibly work, then have a look at this 39 second-long video of a UK long wave commercial radio transmission being received by one of my sloper antennas (hint, it's the weaker signal by far), and the ground loop antenna: Signal of ET3AA on 160m has been received and make QSO 19 Jan 2019 Pennants and Other Ground-Independent Low-Band Receiving Antennas. Nov 30, 2016 · With the Stew Perry 160m contest coming up, I convinced myself that a receiving loop was the next step in antenna work needed. They are 0. The cheapest solution for the 160m band is probably a magnetic loop antenna, but do be aware that these antennas are optimised for small space and low cost, and NOT for performance. 3. This enables the Alpha Loop to be heard and be more Effective than any other manufactured loop , as other loops just can’t take the power that is often needed to Oct 29, 2018 · The tune over wet ground seems indicative on a need for a better ground plane. 65MHz. 1. Open End Antennas. Here several types of popular VHF and UHF antennas will be listed Horizontal and Vertical Total Field Patterns For a Long Wire Loop (2 wavelengths on 160m) and a 160m Dipole Reference. 4 dB 2-el TX vertical w/reflector 7. 80 - Inverted Delta Loop Antenna for 160m. 160m mast: 20ft 1½in sch 40 UV-resistant electrical conduit over ground rod Guys: string. 9 dB 360º K9AY, VE3DO Loop 7. On my list of new antennas to experiment with is a magnetic loop with a broadband current amplifier in lieu of the usual resonating components. Eric The two to three less S units of ground noise over the dipole is probably the best feature of a loop and makes a dipole vs delta gain debate not worth the effort. On 40m, the Front/Back is too low and on 160m the signals will be very weak. The 160 meter loop, due to the length of the loop perimeter, is a physically larger project. 160m match. Even 1 foot above ground helped turn it into a cloud-burner, but this time I noticed that this effect is more pronounced on 14 mhz. wave length loops fed in phase. Using Magnetic Loop is Obviously, the ground is now acting as the reflector for this two element Yagi antenna. 450 Ω. However according the manufacturer even if the loop can be used indoors and at ground level it performs best if you place it 7 m high and away from noises radiated by buildings. At nite and in the mornings I tested it on the air. Twenty years ago a friend of mine (W7AE/KY7U) ( sk ) and myself became interested in low band dxing . 160/80m Coaxial Receiving Loop Antennas Receiving loop antenna for top band. 160M Receive and Transmit Antenna Switching help. This antenna wasn’t in the way, and I was on to other receive antennas at the time, so it sat neglected. For our multiband loop (focused on 40m with bonus resonance on other bands), the length would need to be about 536’ by calculation - quite close to the recommendations for a 160m loop. At first glance, a vertical looks like little more than a metal pole jutting skyward. A friend, WA7YLI, has similar interests. For the Horizontal Wall Flag to be effective on 160 meters it needs to be 100 feet of better 160m-2200m receiving antenna. The coax was still connected, just in case. It is a very quiet antenna. They can be highly effective as well as portable. The L, lower left, has 45% of its vertical wire RF current density in the top half and only 55% in the bottom. The SLR-40 is a 40-Meter direct-conversion receiver with balanced antenna inputs, and was specifically designed for use with a shielded loop antenna. 26dB in poor The ground in all examples in so called normal ground, where conductivity is  If you wanted to boost the gain, you could unfasten the end of the loop going to the ground terminal of the tuner. Most people, even with quite small gardens, can fit one in. Jan 20, 2010 · Here is the loop mounted on a TV rotator 3 ft above the ground. Transmit antennas typically are too noisy for effective operation on the low bands. In addition to having a lower angle of radiation than the horizontally polarized loop, they also reduce the local QRM (stations within about 500 miles) by a couple of S-Units. 7 dB 99º The band noise on 160M is drastically reduced on receive using the loop. The best counterpoise is 1/4-wavelength at the lowest frequency you intend to use. 160m/80m Broadband Antenna by K5GP A presentation to CTDXCC September 22, 2008 The 160m/80m broadband antenna design objectives were to have: 160 and 80 m antennas since I had no antennas for these bands, the antennas had to be hidden because of covenant restrictions, open wire feeders would be too visible to be allowed, A 4-foot ground rod (such as 3/4” diameter copper pipe) is often sufficient. Beverage Antenna 160 meters Build a Space-Efficient dipole Antenna for 40, 80, and 160 Meters (570,975 bytes, PDF file) QST July 1992, pp. Nov 16, 2019 · A ground loop antenna for 160m. The K9AY is terminated loop. The emission pattern for 20, 15 and 10m at 30deg does not appear horrible at about +3 dbi. Just completed the CQWW 160M SSB contest and i think the antenna has proven itself. small foot print low profile QRO loops. Impedances of loops vary with frequency and height above ground but if you build a loop with a 4:1 balun and coax to the shack, you shouldn’t be far away from what you want. Jul 24, 2019 · I bought the MLA-30 off of eBay last month. The noise floor on the loop is S2 to S3 (S4-S5 with only the vacuum capacitor - see below) At first I thought the loop was a bit deaf until a station that I have tried to copy for over a year came up at 20dB over S9. 4 dB 187º 500 ft Beverage 9 dB 80º 2 - VE3DO loops spaced 340 ft 10. Loop antennas   “The K9AY Terminated Loop-A Compact, Directional Receiving Antenna,” QST, Sept. How high is your feed point above the ground plane (radial system)? IT would be best if the radials were laying right on the ground and the feed point less about 15 cm above it. I've tried a variety of receiving antennas from phased verticals to BOG's (Beverage on the ground) to terminated loops. Or smaller ratio for 75ohm coax. The ground plane may simply be the roof of a veranda or shed or several wires radiating out from the mounting base of the antenna. Due to the effects of the earth, these wire receive antennas typically only need to be 160 to 200 ft. A larger loop can be particularly helpful for operations on very low frequencies, such as 160m, or one of the new 630m and 2200m bands , where wavelengths are enormous. I have a KX3 and KXPA100. Created Date: 6/13/2010 4:40:53 PM KN4LF Writes "My 160 meter receive loop antenna has a diameter of approximately five feet, with the bottom of the loop mounted approximately four feet above ground on a AR-35 Hy Gain rotator. This loop which is quite simple and easy to build shown in figure 1. 85MHz is about 261 feet long, while for 3. W4ZCB is situated on a small mountain in North Carolina. RDF of 160M Antennas (W8JI) Antenna RDF Beam Inv vee 120 ft apex 0. Apr 13, 2017 · Keep in mind that an air gap of 1mm equates to a breakdown voltage of about 1KV, which can be encountered when as little as 20 watts is used. An antenna erected over poor ground (deep shale, granite or desert sand) may appear to be many feet higher over ground than it is. All eight loops fit in the back yard of my 0. If you listen to the DX activity on the Low bands, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you're wasting your time unless you have a 4 Square Array, 20 acres of Beverage antennae, a huge Amplifier, and a neck like an anvil. I built this loop because of a particular totally crippling noise that wiped out signals on my doublet on 80m and 160m. 83 - Tri-Band Beam for 20m Using A Mag Loop in the Field zFor Small Loops, Use Cheap Photo Tripod zFor Larger Loops, Purpose-Built Mast zNon-Conductive Mast Better, MUST be Insulated from Loop zElevate 1 Loop Diameter zNo Advantage to Higher Loop Height zKeep Away from Large Metal Objects like Cars, UFOs, T-72 Tanks, etc A small loop resonated with a capacitor has a very high Q factor. And of course, the ever increasing problem on  As promised, here are the details on the LOG low noise receiving antenna. The modelled SWR curve shows a slightly high SWR throughout the band however the real Megaloop exhibits a much better SWR of So, you can't "cheat" at 160m, you will most likely need the full loop for its lower band edge frequency. by Popeye. Great low noise receive loop antenna. To find the The NEC output included in this iteration include: the 4NEC2 calculation input / output page, feed impedance plots, a diagrammatic image of the radiated pattern at a distance of 1 kilometre, antenna current for an input power of 100 watts, vertical gain in dB and finally the loop's radiated vertical signal level at a distance of 1 kilometre also for an input of 100 watts. An eight foot copper clad ground rod was driven for the loop ground, at the base of the mast. pdf is used to convert the differential output of the chip to 50 Ohms single ended. A full wave loop, compressed in dimensions has much less than 1 dBd gain. Amplified loops potentially have a problem with IMD from nearby broadcast stations. Their integral, extra-high dynamic range, low-noise preamplifier is designed for minimum intermodulation distortion in the presence of very high-level signals that wou 160 meters a full wave loop resonant at 1. "Loop on Ground" is a 60ft loop of wire, configured as a square, and fed with the appropriate balun. 20 meter delta strung off a top corner of the chimney . Do not transmit with it or its circuitry will be severely damaged, maybe even beyond repair. The larger the area of the loop the better it will work. the vertical portion is 70 feet lenght, completed with 16 radials layed on the ground, match was obtained with an home made Antenna Tuner at the base of the antenna one feet about the ground, this Antenna replaced my previous 160m. Then I pulled them out straight, put a roughly 2" bend in the far end and stuck it in the ground, just to keep it in place. My TX Antennae. Inverted L. We will see the problems this causes with SWR This antenna is a high performance, full size, full wave, 80m loop antenna. There were 200 plus slides and the file was too large (21 MB) to post on this blog but I've gone through and pulled out those parts which apply to short antennas and ground systems. A small receiving loop helped; it has very deep nulls and made listening on 80 and 160 more pleasant. 160m Twisted Loop Antenna. References: Antenna Toolkit - J. That meant most of my signal was going up, not out. A Receiving Array For 160m Through 2200m Rudy Severns N6LF September 2015 Introduction For the past ten years I've participated in the ARRL 600m experimental license group, WD2XSH and tried a variety of receiving antennas from phased verticals (E-probes) to BOG's (Beverage on the ground) to terminated loops. (For examples, see the sidebar, Testing the Loop-on-Ground with Figure 5: 160m Elevation Plane. 73 in. Con's . DX 4 very 25. 24 foot. It may have specific construction details, but in reality it is a random hunk of wire laid out on the ground. Shielded-Loop antennas have some nice properties that make them desirable as portable receiving antennas. • For best results, the lengths of the Size a problem for 80M and 160M. x Alpha Loop is a 10-40 Meter transmit/receive antenna, which handles 100W PEP SSB, 50W CW, or 25W for sporadic use of digital modes (10W for continuous use of digital modes). 76 Horizontal loops may be fed at any convenient spot. RF current close to the ground induces current and dielectric loss in the ground. On RX the normal noise level on the antenna at around 18:00 is 2-3 S units and dropping to zero in the middle of the night. 160 Meter Receive Antenna. Apr 04, 2009 · I never have been able to get the LDG AT-1000 to tune up the 40m loop on 80m or 160m. This may be of some help to those working with the 600 m experimental group and on 80/160 m also. Mar 19, 2016 · This post relates to the design and build of a 160/80/40 Meter magnetic loop antenna. Normal cable TV type of 75 ohm coax is used to feed the loop on the ground. 8 to 2. The diagrams below show the patterns for 40m, 80m and 160m. 905 MHz. The Loop-on-ground (LOG) Antenna Doing some reading, I discovered an article about a so-called Loop-on-ground (LOG) antenna. The main challenges when working 160m are designing effective antennas. 160 meter delta loop. Until now. 10 Ft. 68 might make an interesting "middle-sized loop" at 13. A real conundrum. I just put a bend in the end of each ground wire and then crimped them against the loop. 80 meter loop structure display This 80 meter loop is actually 86 meters, or 282 feet of wire. Over the long weekend following Thanksgiving, I tested my newly installed Loop on Ground (LoG) antenna. 25 slopers @63m. Value of the resistor equals to impedance of the line. It played very well on 160M, but was basically dead on other bands. The snake antenna is really just a random wire laid on the ground. A New Homebrew Magnetic Receive Loop at VE1ZAC It is composed of two screens ( each around 2 pairs) + a ground wire that I connected to the base of the mast. In the 60 ground radial wires soldered to the loop, plus 4 wires running form the loop to a clamp on the ground rod. As a result, fed with a random length of 450ohm window line it tunes up fine on 40M, as well as 20M (where it's proven quite effective for DX work) and 15M (where I havn't given it a chance to demonstrate its effectiveness or lack thereof). I compared the LoG’s reception with the other antennas installed here at WA1LOU by noting the signal strength of 23 random stations across the AM band using the dBμ reading [absolute voltage (Terminated)] of my ICOM IC-R8600 receiver. There is a neat trick that I got from the ARRL Antenna book. Jan 01, 2017 · Pete helped me to understand how to build the very small loops effectively for 160m band. Keep an eye on the spectrum scope as it gives a very good indication of when the 256 foot center-fed antenna is switched in by the visible increase in noise across the baseline. 80 – Inverted Delta Loop Antenna for 160m. 6. The antenna is now back to full performance. This following antennas were inspired by Harry Lythall (SM0VPO) 'flat-dwellers' frame antenna which he uses for Rx (and  10 Jul 2017 To compare performance of different receiving antennas and support this way your Loop-like travelling wave antennas. 160m coax shield choke. For the most part, both the loop and 5BTV were pretty much even on receive. 10. 8m, small compared with a wavelength of 160m. 4 dB: Bidirectional 8 foot diameter “magnetic” loop close to the ground. Dipole. Call 435-200-4902 Performance on 80M is very good, although on 40M thru 17M, the loop performs superbly in both transmit and receive. That is just not going to happen on 160 at this location. He commented to me that, even if a loop is only 10% efficient, that is only down 10 dB - about 1 1/2 S units. terminal lug on the ground of the SO-239 connector. mode with equal voltage at the loop output terminals referred to ground. Initially I had considered putting it in the attic – but that space is already past it’s limit of antenna complications with the current antennas. but sadly have never had room for a Beverage receiving aerial. 160m_Loop_Antenna This article was originally published at k4qky web site, but seems has been lost. 5. The power density is proportional to the square of the field density, so the inverted L will launch 3 or 4 times more power than the pure vertical from May 02, 2013 · 2 Element Vertical Array for 160M and 80M by VK3PAPage 1 In this series vertical antenna principals were reviewed with an emphasis on the importance of ground conductivity. The wire going up from the feed point leaves the top of the Spiderpole and slopes down to the house. A Receiving Array For 160m Through 2200m Rudy Severns N6LF September 2015 Introduction For the past ten years I've been participating in the ARRL 600m experimental license group, WD2XSH. If you wish to work the 160M band then a vertical transmit antenna of 8. The two most common suggestions seemed to be around 558' and 527', to include 160m and to maximize the amount of wire in the air. It consists of a wire loop of any convenient shape (diamond, delta, etc), hung from a single support and with a ground rod at the bottom. Oh! By the way. ie 40m loop is 1. 5 mhz because it is now a different animal so to speak. 160-20m Loop on the Ground (LOG) Discussion Thread; The Small Vertical Loop for HF Reception; The W2PM Mini Diamond Receiving Flag; VE1ZAC Magnetic Receive Loop; WB5DYG Shielded Loop Antennas (PDF) Wellgood Loop; 80/160m Coax Receiving Loops; Make Your Own YouLoop Most of the time there are no horizontal signals at 20ft high for 160m, the arriving signals are shorted circuited by the ground, Tests on 3. On forty meters, the AlexLoop has a calculated efficiency of only 13% meaning that for a ten Watt signal  abstract: The shielded loop is the ideal reception antenna for long wave and medium pre amplifier for 160m reception through this loop is absolutely essential. Here is a copy of something I just posted on the 160m reflector, and on the topband reflector. This aerial remindes me of the 160m ¼ wave vertical with full ground plane that I has on acreage. The March 2015 QST article on a loop receiving antenna by DK6ED set me to thinking about a much larger version for 2200m and up. Still am. See full list on kg3v. need help with 160 meter receiving antenna. The video starts out with the transceiver using the receive loop. Note the BNC connector is a plastic insulated floating one. A Mini-Circuits T4-1 wide band 4:1 RF Transformer T4-1. I recommend using 16-AWG or eben better, 14- or 12- AWG, even though this makes the entire antenna heavier. Mar 31, 2016 · Now the loop is larger than 1/10th of a wavelength, and you null directions will change, may not be as deep, etc. On 80m and 160m top-band where the attainable (size constrained) efficiency is diminished oriented loops function perfectly well close to ground level. When vertically polarized signal arriving from low elevation meets the ground, the vector is leaning forward. The Vertical Loop is a good DX antenna. 5 dB higher gain Small loops have advantages as receiving antennas at frequencies below 10 MHz. the big magnetic (transmitting) loop - 10 sec. The 20 inch loop has a SPDT Center Off switch to switch in extra capacitance. Coax. May 07, 2018 · I've mentioned before my attempt to "improve" the loop by raising it off ground, more or less defeating the purpose of the project. It works like a charm, for both local and DX! The Loop does a good job especially on 40, 80, and 160m bands. Roly's discusses his early Ham Radio career, Yagis & Towers, Remote Operations, Receive Antennas, Loop on the ground, Receive pre-amps, Separate TX and RX an (except on 160 meters! See Chapter 1), because it becomes random after ionospheric reflection. Stations then, as now, receive my signal loud and clear even  Wish you had enough room for an effective low-band receiving antenna? Aligned directly under the tops of the loops, drive a ground rod, leaving a foot or I chose to optimize the antenna for 160 meter operation, so used a 390 W resistor. 160 meters band antenna category is a curation of 143 web resources on , 160m Kite Vertical Antenna, 160 Meter Antennas at W8JI, Hex-Shaped 160 Meter Receiving Loop. DX Engineering RF-PRO-1B Active Magnetic Loop Antennas are designed for low-noise reception of signals within the frequency range of 100-kHz to 30-MHz. many kilovolts can be present across the capacitor, and produce concentrated electro-magnetic radaition even at low power levels. Small Coaxial Loop tuned for specific band Aug 04, 2004 · That loop was actually built several years after my first 160 meter loop. The receive signals at night were wall to wall with a background noise level still at S2 to S3. 0 MHz,) performance was sub-par, since the dipole was only 25 feet above the ground, and that’s just a fraction of a wavelength on 160 meters. The SAL-30 is fed with inexpensive RG-6 coax. The perimeter length of the loop is 12 feet, and it is in a diamond shape. 160 meters is one of the most challenging bands, since the roughly 200 KHz bandwidth is about 10% of the frequency of 2 MHz. 82 – 300ohm-Ribbon Dual Band Dipole. The common base configuration gives this amplifier an extremely low input impedance, of the order of 5 ohms, so it makes a particularly good match for the low inductance pickup coil in the center of the sheilded loop. The loop is diamond shaped with the top supported by a mast and the bottom connected to a grounding rod. Resources listed under antenna category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. not bad for 160M DX'ing in suburbia I worked 213 QSO's in total incl. This page describes an easy-to-build loop that I have built several times for myself and friends. I recently gave myself the challenge of making a serious attempt at 160m contesting. 5 metre with a suitable ground plane will work well. Mar 14, 2013 · With the specified dimensions, this non-resonant loop is optimized for 80m. Mine is 520 feet in total length. Magnetic Loop Antenna Pattern . What follows is a very inexpensive indoor receiving loop which covers both 80/75 and 160 meters. The next video compares the BOG with a 160m 'Inverted-L', a very popular antenna on topband. An early version of this type of HWV antenna for 160 meters was the "rubber duckie" antenna developed by Joe Moraski, KY3F, in the early 1990s. One side of the loop is coupled to the feed line with an impedance matching transformer and the other side of the loop is returned to ground through a terminating resistor. I have another identical radial ready to bury that’s 67 feet. Jul 24, 2015 · Magnetic Loop Antennas for The Radio Operator with Limited Space pt. This is a voltage balun. When horizontally Reciprocity applies in the antenna receiving sense. Note that the SWR minimum and zero reactance coincide at 1. Jan 17, 2005 · Loop Receiving Antenna for 80/160. So what I've tried doing is using my 20 meter loop antenna as a receiving antenna for 75 Keep the 80 meter dipole well away from the 160 meter loop. The 80 meter loop was built because I felt that the 160 meter loop was useful, and worth the effort. This was a 200 foot piece of RG6 on the ground in a “straight-ish ” line with the Mizek style feed and reversing setup. This proved to be a great choice. Single DX loop for 135 and 315 degrees. Picture 1 and 2 showing the Coil for 160m on the ground close I tested DHDL Loops,DL9KR Loop ,K9AY, Coax Receiving Loops,Magnetic Loops small and  7 Jan 2020 Actually, I did not put up a new antenna; I put down a new antenna: a Loop on Ground (LoG) receive-only antenna as described by Matt  N3OX 80m/160m RX Loop. long and are terminated with the included 240 ohm resistor. They have the same or better performance as the coax loops, but might require that you invest in a balun to help maintain directivity and avoid common-mode noise ingress from the feedlin "Loop on Ground" is a 60ft loop of wire, configured as a square, and fed with the appropriate balun. The support system is made up of 1. Autumn 2005 i put up an 1/4 wave inverted L for 160m. Loop size issues • Bandwidth (counterintuitively) is independent of size • Tuning cap inversely proportional to loop width • Gain increases 9 dB (theoretically) for doubling of loop width • I observed more than +9 dB for full size loop on 160 meters (14 ft wide) vs 7 foot wide • Doubling conductor diameter increases gain 3 Note that the SWR minimum and zero reactance coincide at 1. My 450ft loop I believe loaded up the receiver too much, and it would be difficult to set my AGC as I would have to drop the slider on 80m to about 10-20. 75 Curtain Zepp Antenna for 160m, 80m, 40m. I had heard of this antenna before, but with my failed BOG experiences I was skeptical and never tried one. Ground  29 Sep 2017 I work a lot of DX on 160m . Getting your 80M and 160M tuned together requires patience. Figure 8 loop in guy rope supports wire. 160M. 9. Figure 9: Elevation Plot of a 75m Dipole at ½ Wavelength Height Buy: Transmit Items on this catalog department: 48. The other and is connected to a terminating resistor. When I want to work 80/160 I go outside to where the balun is mounted on the outside basement wall and take the negative side of the ladder line and short (connect) it over to the positive lead of However, when I operated on the lowest ham band, 160 meters (1. Using short ropes or wires, connect four insulators a few inches away from this post to receive the lower ends of the loops. The Delta Loop antenna is one of the famous ”magical antennas”, but in reality, the Delta Loop antenna is not as magical as it’s reputation. This will be the only connection to the SO-239 solder lug. The antenna's feedpoint impedance alters between 1000 - 1200Ohm (see below). Coaxial "L" for 160 meters. As reference, the loop is at 16-feet above ground and the base of the vertical is 18-feet over ground. Loop A three sided loop is known as a Vertical Delta loop sitting on the ground. This would require the antenna to short a 1. 6 dB 360º 10 ft diam tuned loop 4 dB 105º 90 ft tall Tee Vertical 4. Spiderbeam 160m Vertical Model 160-18-4WTH 5 160-18-4WTH Manual, Ver. Jul 01, 2018 · MFJ-1886 Receive Loop review July 1, 2018 W0JD Antennas , Equipment reviews , Station operation 0 Once I tracked down all of the noisy wall warts in the house 😉 I am fortunate to have a RF noise quiet location, however there are always times when I miss the ability I have on the higher HF bands to moderate interfering signals with a Yagi. With a couple of AM stations only a mile away from me, this has been an issue with my wire antennas. This is impractical for many. My loop around the property has a S8 noise level. active loop - 10 sec. . Layout at W3LPL. 17m Delta at the apex. There is definitely room for improvement, especially in the matching network. It was still a very quiet antenna,  4 Mar 2016 Conclusions. Aligned directly under the tops of the loops, drive a ground rod, leaving a foot or so above ground as an attachment point. A loop is inherently wider bandwidth than a comparable dipole. Here is a copy of an article on a full wave horizontal loop antenna, feeded with a balanced line. 03db and so is the lowest loss balun I could find. Further work Something I want to try in the future is a double-size version using wire rather than coax. New Page Coaxial dipoles for FM On 80m and 160m topband where the attainable - (size constrained) efficiency is diminished performance of a the small loop still generally antenna exceeds that achievable from a horizontal -wave halfdipole, particularly one deployed at suboptimal height - above ground. 5 or 7 MHz shows a different situation and there are plenty of horizontal signals. Some well-placed vertical evergreens almost shield the loop which I covered in dark green plastic tape. Mike's racked up a huge DX count on 160m over the years working with his city-lot space and has built quite a number of loop variants. – Magnetic loops are small for a given wave length. Zepp - 10 sec. I made a 6-foot loop from stranded speaker wire, supported by PVC spreaders. This antenna allow to reduce noise on both bands. The lower cost and the fact that this product includes a transmit / receive antenna switch box makes it a better choice. 1m dia and is heard in the USA s9 when band is dead!!do that with your g5rv!! Dec 16, 2020 · The KK5JY Porch Loop Receiving Antenna; The Loop on the Ground (LOG) Antenna. Two of the biggest challenges are the physical size of efficient antennas and noise when receiving. On-Ground Radial Systems • Best – up to 60 λ/4 wires (shortened by VF to 100 ft) laid out as symmetrically as you can • Very Good – many wires on the ground, lengths can be random • Symmetry is good, but most radial systems must be shorter in some directions because they run into buildings, roads, property lines I use two sets of inexpensive wire receive loops that I run into a null canceler. A small loop antenna appears as a very large resonant circuit. The K9AY loop. We decided to try a Beverage On The Ground antenna for the receive side of our 160m station. The shape can be a circle, square, rectangle or a triangle. A 9:1 impedance-matching transformer is connected from one end of the loop to the ground and terminating resistor is connected the other end of the loop to the ground. Rg - Ground Impedance - Unavoidable Optimum for 160M and 80M. The loop in the middle in Picture E is the 20 inch loop I use most of the time because it is the most versatile. 73 Inverted Delta Loop for 160m. 80m coax shield choke. An example small PK-Loop antenna for receiving shortwave with an SDR. Now, I am not ant antenna guru, but the performance of the 160m loop on 40m intrigued me some DX, and usually the loop outperformed a 40m ground plane and 80m inverted-L. Several have requested this;  Basically it is a 15-foot square wire loop staked to the ground (that's Heck, one could even make it even *smaller*, but that will start to put the hurt on 160m. 3) Most K9AY Loop users (80% or more) will find that they only need two switch settings - one for 80M, and one that covers 160M and all lower frequencies. Diagram of a Small Loop Antenna . For example, take a look at my "VE2DPE 160M Special"! Don't have the horizontal space for a 160 meter ham radio antenna? Then try your hand at building a much smaller . A Magnetic loop antenna for 1-5 watts can be made fairly inexpensive. I recommend a different loop for use on 20-10 meters if those are your favorite bands, mostly because it's easier to put up 71 feet of wire (14MHz) with only 18 feet per side. Modelling indicated that at best this antenna would have about 11% radiation efficiency on 160m which is about the best that can be expected with a limited ground system and short antenna. The loop will resolve signals that are totally inaudible with the main 160m vertical antenna. Bjarne Melde, Norway, hcdx list, July 31, 2000 As for ground, the group of K9AY users out here on the west coast of Washington have been putting down a ground plane of wires under the loops with a ground stake. That core is quite small, so use fine gauge insulted wire to wind the turns. 10 Ft Receive Antenna Principles 10 ft. W0CM 6. However, if you measure carefully you should Jan 29, 2019 · It’s almost impossible to field an effective 160m station with only a Transmit antenna. 76 Curtain Zepp Antenna for 40m,  I do of course, use my TX antennae on receive also. Then used electrical tape to join all PVC at the center cross point. Enter the “LoG” - Loop on Ground :-) Last fall, just before snow arrived, I put a 60 foot loop of #10 stranded insulated wire (supposed to be a 15 ft per side square, but I just made it round) on the grass around the base of a tree in the back yard, connected to 50 ohm coax with a 1:9 beverage transformer. 8 MHz noise, while NOT shorting a 1. 35-36 A new trap design, using only RG-58 and PVC pipe, yields better space efficiency than conventional coaxial traps. Finally, connect the AC power supply. Reversing was terrible with maybe 1 S unit F/B. 1. Vertically polarized loops work better for DX whenever the antenna must be mounted closer to the ground. My longest-distance contact on the band was only about 1100 miles away. The grounded design of the K9AY Loop has several advantages over K9AY Loop basic layout and size. It will tune 160m through 10m. After almost 10 years out in the yard, the loop needed to be rebuilt. This allows the balance to ground to not be upset. ○ 5 dB: 160 and 80 Meter Receiving Antenna. Sep 26, 2016 · It is clearly evident that the BOG delivers a much better SNR than the comparison loop and is the reason so many topbanders use a separate antenna for receiving. • For best results, the lengths of the 3 sides should be approximately equal • The resistive impedance is ~130 interface with 4:1 BALUN LA400 is a RECEIVE ONLY antenna. Impedance The radiation resistance of an equilateral quad loop in free space is approximately 120 Ω. To find the As built, the antenna loop is completely isolated from the feedline & receiver; as drawn, the centre point of the shielded section of the antenna is connected to the secondary (radio side) ground of the 1:1 transformer – so the antenna is now (potentially poorly/noisily, depending on receiver grounding) grounded at its centre point *and* the Comparing the coaxial loop to the terminated loop, if the noise is not in line with the station I am trying to copy, then the two antennas are nearly equal. They have the same or better performance as the coax loops, but might require that you invest in a balun to help maintain directivity and avoid common-mode noise ingress from the feedlin Comparing the coaxial loop to the terminated loop, if the noise is not in line with the station I am trying to copy, then the two antennas are nearly equal. Another myth is that dc grounded antennas are quieter, filtering noise by shunting it to ground. The above graphic depicts the overall layout of the loop antenna consisting of 558 ft. 6m high and 1/13 of a wavelength long on 160m! I read the net information about loop builders experiences. The circumference of a true magnetic loop should be less than 1/10th wavelength and the coupling loop at 1/5 ratio to the main loop. 73-mag 160 meter loop on 80??? 7. Jan 30, 2017 · The loop is supported at the top, usually by a fiberglass pole, and fed at the bottom. The loop is bi-directional and can have very deep nulls (30 db or more) Rotate the loop for minimum noise or to null out an interfering signal. 3 This antenna was constructed using two 10 foot sections of 4 inch PVC pipe joined, two lengths of 140 feet of #18 wire, and wound at 1 turn per inch over each 10 foot section and the wires connected at Feb 29, 2012 · Nothing ever offered any S/N advantage compared to the available TX antennas; full size 40m dipole and vertical @65m, full wave 80m loop @73m and two full size 160m 0. This core material is optimized for frequencies roughly in the range of the 160m through 30m amateur bands. If I use a 1:1 Balun the SWR is pretty manageable at 40, 20, 15 and 10m. 1 5 f t Top, bottom corners: 4 i n. Small Coaxial Loop 4. 8 MHz signal!!! That would be pure magic. International shipping. 76 - Half Rhombic Unidirectional Vertical for 20m to 6m. 2 meters for 20 meters. BUT, if you don't have any noise issues to contend with this high up, the loop designed for attenuating noise at 5. Carr. They can be used for multiple purposes such as Mobile, Portable, Base station, Marine, EMCOMM, MARS/CAP, ARES, SATERN, RACES, First Responders, Emergency Preparedness, Skywarn, Military & Government communications and much more. 8 Mhz have been compared Radio', Clarrie Castle VK5KL described a receiving loop aerial for 1. This is a little long for 80, 17 and 12 meters, but a little short for 40 and 30 meters and just right for 20, 15 and 10 meters. When using two of these loops it has two receive directions. 3:1 turns. This is a very common site limitation for any HF antenna on the lower bands. but it's there for an eventual try at a low noise receiving inverted L that is transformer coupled and has a separate ground. Click on MP3-1. Leave a foot of wire for a pigtail after twisting the ends of the loop wires around the insulators. For example; on 160 meters I use an inverted "L" for transmitting and sometimes receiving. 2 dB 163º Flat dipole @ 120-250 ft 7. 75 - 160m Inverted Delta Loop. My Loop Antenna November 20, 2013 14 Receive Properties of Electrically-Small Loops •Loop antenna is tuned to a resonance on receive by adjusting the tuning capacitor •Atmospheric noise dominates over receiver noise at HF •Tuning is narrowband, tending to limit received noise •Gain of a loop may be lower than that of other antennas, but easily provides 6 dB of ground gain – for free! 4-Square array of phased 33 foot verticals with 30-60 radials good performance if high horizontal Yagis and quads aren’t feasible at least 50-70 feet away from all nearby towers and antennas “Shorty 40” 2 element Yagi or Moxon Rectangle 70-100 feet high terminal lug on the ground of the SO-239 connector. Aug 02, 2020 · If you have the room, I always hear that a full-wave loop is a great antenna for 160 meters. Short Beverage or EWE 40-80 Meters: 1. 82 - 300ohm-Ribbon Dual Band Dipole. 9 MHz will be about 529 feet long. Here is a link to a small receiving loop. The MFJ Receive Loop (MFJ-1886) spent a couple of years in design and prototyping, according to Martin Jue. Loop antennas may require some pruning or trimming to obtain a very low SWR. 160-meters antenna problems and solutions - Bill Orr W6SAI ham radio techniques. Wire Ground-Plane Antenna. Three ground rods at array center. The consequence of this for your antenna is very small bandwidth. Antennae for the Low Bands. optimum height is two loop diameters above ground optimum radials are ~2 loop diameters long these antennas are high-q resonant circuits. Vertical arrays As receiver noise figure typically is 10dB on HF we can waste on 160m. About this The antenna needs a stable ground, not necessarily a low-resistance ground. For safety, I buried it 1-2” below the soil. The outer 160m loop is 8 feet on each wooden cross element - making the Subject: Topband: Recommended Antennas for 160M/80M Receiving Friends, 76 dB • Sharp nulls (40 to 80 dB) broadside • Much less affected by ground and  We have a good clear area and ground clearance between the Discone antenna pole. Works well enough for 117 countries confirmed--mostly on CW. Despite its reputation as a Multi band antenna, it is a single band antenna. inverted Delta Loop Antenna, I never tried such Antenna before, just A full-size Delta Loop, fed in the bottom corner, is a good low angle radiator and is great for working DX. Thanks for stopping by, please leave comments or questions if you have time. Not long enough to be a beverage but long enough to get receive  K3ZXL - 160 Meter Receiving Loop Project Dan Schaaf 20 January Here is the loop mounted on a TV rotator 3 ft above the ground. After extensive testing with WSPR on 15 20 30 40 80 and 160 meters I found this antenna to be equal and in some cases superior to my Wellbrook low noise receive loop. An Introduction to Operating on 160m Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA k9la@arrl. ) For a broader discussion of antennas used in packet radio, please see Packet Radio Antennas. When I get QRV on 160m again, it will be worth re-evaluating the benefits of a small loop antenna on that band, because I've read the loop's benefits are more noticeable. The mean height of the loop above ground is about 55 ft. The impedance data were obtained by Sep 30, 2002 · I have found that a small receive-only loop antenna can be used to make the situation much more tolerable. 40 meter Delta Loop I recently purchase a 40 meter Delta Loop from Chris and received the antenna few days later after the purchase, I hung up the antenna in less than one hour in configuration, C , I hook up my antenna analyzer after the installation and I was Very surprise is flat 1:1 on the entire 40 meter band, 20 meter was about 1:2 on the top edge of the band and the rest of the bands 15 4 Jan 2020 160-meter Loop-on-ground Antenna Results. the sides of the loop is 0. This antenna is connected to receiver "A" on my FT-1000D. For 75 meters, a full wave loop at 3. Sure enough, wires on the ground for rx-only seem to work well enough if you are satisfied with their directivity. 160m Analysis The megaloop is a little over a full wave length on 160m and only 1/8th of a wave length above ground so as you would expect it behaves as a traditional NVIS loop, this works excellently for inter-G or close in european stations with some occasional DX. 50 or 75Ω Coax. Dec 08, 2017 · An adaptation of this receive antenna concept places the wire onto or slightly in the ground, known as a BOG, or Beverage On the Ground. 160 Meter Loop Questions. Items 1 - 20 of 74 160 Meter Antennas at W8JI, Hex-Shaped 160 Meter Receiving Loop, Ground System on a 160M vertical. Looks like it could be an interesting 160m antenna for this winter. 36½ in. They have less gain, but better front-to-back ratio. W6LVP amplified receive-only magnetic loop antenna (boy is that mouthful): The W6LVP mag loop is a complete receive antenna system delivering top-of-the-line performance to amateur radio operators and SWLs – particularly for those with space and/or budget limitations. Two days after I posted this, my 160 meter inverted “L” antenna was taken out in a storm. The March 2015 QST article on a loop receiving antenna by DK6ED set me to thinking about a much larger version for 2200m and up The v6. 74 Inverted-L Antenna for 160m. Monopole. net [this is the web version of the article that appeared in the November 2006 issue of CQ] Operating on 160 meters has always been a challenge. I pulled out all of the pieces and installed a new loop of grounded wire, with the expected results. If we make the loop much longer or shorter, we would end up with the antenna being unsuitable for some of the bands. Overall efficiency of the antenna can be increased by placing a ground wire  This is information about loop construction process from different amateurs to a 160m saltwater canal, very close to the harbor of Zeebrugge, NorthSea. 73 Magazine's 160-meter loop ??? 8. I am working on a "ground" wire connected to the mounting bracket for the "Ham-stick" dipole (below) running down the side of the mast. com Dec 07, 2016 · A Small Transmitting Loop for 160m With the sunspot cycle on a quick descent going into 2017, it is time to think about getting serious about antenna systems for the longer wavelengths. I have even used it on 160m, but it is very inefficient there. height, then the “two” element Yagi has the classical DX elevation and azimuth patterns shown in Figures 9 and 10. Details of this loop are shown in picture F. No challengers. 30 in the afternoon. Free Shipping. On 80m and 160m top-band the performance of a small loop antenna generally ground plane and earth for achieving efficient operation; this unique signals out of the ambient noise and you will very likely receive stations that you'd never. On 40m, I would say the vertical is a better antenna to have almost all of the time unless you need NVIS for local copying – and with the sun spot cycle as it is, you won’t get Nov 20, 2020 · Receive Antennas – Loop on Ground – LoG Discussion Another fun outing from the YouTube crew. or if targeting say 160m or lower with a comparatively small loop,  24 Jul 2015 cause higher noise on the receive end. Further, the SAL-30 compares favorably as a receive antenna on 40m with a SteppIR DB18E at 30. It is a great complement to vertical or wire transmit antennas. To address my terrible top band noise problems from the in-attic wrap-around 160m antenna, a big proponent of loops has been topbander Mike AB0X. loop like this one for receive. Loop antennas have always fascinated me. 77 - Capacitance Loaded Vertical Antenna for 160m. 9 MHz it is just less than 258 feet long. directivity at 160 meters. With heavy wind it will bend the top of the Spiderpole quite a lot. Typically 1 – 2 diameters off the ground. 10 ft. Now, the good news, you can fit a full sized 160 meter antenna in a puny 100 by 60 These are ground mount antennas and should be treated with respect, I don't have a separate receive antenna (although I'd like to try a K9AY loop) but  Shielded coax loops, unshielded loops and ferrite rod loops for 1. tuner. Pennant 5. Similarly, on 80 meters, 500 KHz is more than 10% of 4 MHz. Low Band DX Antennas –Receive Only (RX) •On 160, your biggest issue will be hearing DX stations •I experimented with •Coaxial Loops •Single wire loops •Flags (EWE, K9AY and Pennant) •Phased verticals •And then I found the best –a modified K6SE Flag •By accident –I had my antenna switch to the wrong antenna and found that my DX Great low noise receive loop antenna. I connected the loop antenna to receiver "B" on the FT-1000D, pressed the DUAL button (turning on both receivers) and adjusted the RX MIX control to mix the signals from both antenna/receiver For operation on 160m and 80m it is useful to be able to strap the feeders together to form a T antenna, and feed it against a good ground system or elevated counterpoise. While a pair of electrically short The outer 160m loop is 8 feet on each wooden cross element - making the circumference about 22 feet. The 80m antenna is spaced in about 1 foot from the 160m - and the 40m is spaced in about 1 foot more beyond the 80m. Improving ground connection, computer analysis of the antenna, modelling sample antennas pdf file. K9AY 7. It so small that inexpensive AM receivers (the consumer kind) use just the antenna bandwidth to select a station. 5 meters fed with 7/8" hardline. I spent $100 on 1000 ft of RG6 cable, F connectors, and a crimp tool. On a second outing a few weeks later, the bands were more favorable allowing me to work a lot of DX on 17, 40 and 80 meters including KL7, KH6, H44, J88, TG9, JR3, PP5 and others plus many stateside contacts with the loop. When I embarked on my project I wanted to erect two 40-meter stand-alone verticals spaced one-quarter wavelength apart, and feed them out of phase. 160 Meters: 1. Basic Antenna Types. I used another piece of  Beverage on the ground or on the snow with preamp (2N3866) Signal of ET3AA on 160m has been received and make QSO 19 Jan 2019 The Flag Antenna is in the family of terminated loops that can yield a cardioid (heart- shaped,  VE3DO Loop Optimized For 160M. Roly's discusses his early Ham Radio career, Yagis & Towers, Remote Operations, Receive Antennas, Loop on the ground, Receive pre-amps, Separate TX and RX an I don't think that I can convey in words my disbelief as I logged my first signal reports on the 160m net with this antenna. As for actual performance; All I can say is WOW! Switching between either my 160M or 80M Inverted Vee and the loops (with preamp on), the signal strengths appear to be equal, BUT the noise floor is 10-15db lower on the loops. need plans for 160 receive loop. It also works fine on all bands above 40m with a tuner, and even below 40m on 60m, and 80m, although the coax losses will be higher. My 1530+ NA model receive loop paired with my Perseus SDR has been the best receiving combo on HF that I've experienced in over 50 years of listening. 79 - Wire Ground Plane Antenna. Equivalent Circuit . At 160 meters - no real difference, at least none that I could hear above the noise. 1 Ft. An example of the Corner Fed Delta Loop antenna made for 20 m. With Larry's loop it usually stays at about 50. 160m receive loop on ground

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